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It is undeniable that many amazing delicacies will seduce your tongue when you experience a day trip through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. As Vietnam's fourth largest city, there is plenty to do, floating markets and many hidden gems to discover. Banh Xeo Bay Toi is certainly on this list, but what can you ask for?

The Mekong Delta is considered the rice basket of Vietnam and contributes more than half of the country's rice production. Can Tho is a day trip to experience the cuisine of Vietnam's deepest south, including many local specialties that would be hard to find even in Saigon. The wide variety of fruits means that the food markets in Banh Xeo Bay Toi can be well stocked and there is also a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables available for purchase in and around the Can Thanh Delta river basin. As you can imagine, sweet hits like coconut milk rice cake and sweet and savory rice pudding are among the most popular foods in CanTho, as are many other local delicacies.

This blog gives you the best 8 foods you can try when you have the chance to visit the Mekong Delta. If you are a foodie, you will also read our guide to how to eat in Bangkok around the world, as well as our guide to the best Thai restaurants in the city.

The second meal from the Mekong Delta that I would like to introduce to you is the Vietnamese pancake. It is always called banh xeo, and although variations of this dish can be found throughout Vietnam, including Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other parts of the country, the Mekong Delta version is huge and filled with pork and shrimp. Can tho food, sweet, savoury dishes that are everywhere and drizzled with fish sauce to create the "banh tam bi."

If you haven't had the chance to explore the Mekong Delta, you have a cheaper, more local way to forget Vietnam, by taking a sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho. It was a long and exhausting day, as we had to return to Ho Chi Minh City at midnight and leave at 2 a.m., but it was doable. If you want to visit the floating market Cai Rang or have no money for a night on the way to Phnom Penh or Hanoi, you only have the sleeper buses that will take you to Hochi Minh and CanTho, so it is a good option. Can tho is recommended for those who want to explore some of Vietnam's most popular tourist attractions, such as the city centre, the National Museum and the Royal Palace.

It is possible to rent a car from Ho Chi Minh City To Can Tho on the same day you return from your trip, or from Phnom Penh to Hanoi, but this is not possible on a long-haul trip. It is possible to rent a car from Hochi Minnh city to can tho you from travelling on the same days, and from Phnom Penh, to return to the city centre.

This fried dish should not be missed, as it can be enjoyed with sesame, mederi or tamarind. While this dish can be found anywhere in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta version is huge and filled with fat made from pork, beans, sprouts and shrimp. Can Tho is meant to bless you, so visit it for this reason, and don't miss it!

It is also possible to rent a taxi for almost the same price as a car, and it is easy to reach Can Tho from other parts of the country, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Hoi An and Hoang Phuong.

The special thing about the food is that you can try everything on the floating market when you arrive in Can Tho, if you join a tour with Innoviet Travel in the Mekong Delta as a 2-day homestay. The Delta trip is perfect for a trip to the heart of the country, as you can enjoy part of Vietnamese cuisine at spacious food stalls. You can pre-book and plan your Can tho Mekongs Delta Tour online or in person at your local travel agency.

You can book a direct flight from Can Tho to Hanoi and have a stopover on the way to Ho Chi Minh City. Can. Flights to and from Ho Chi Minh are also available from Ho Hoa and Hoi An International Airports, with stops at CanTho International Airport, which serves international flights from Hong Kong, New York, Paris, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.

In Can Tho you can easily reach Rach Nguyen, the founder of CanTho Food, and his wife Cai Thi Nguyen. In Can Thanh you can easily reach your favourite restaurants such as Bien Hoa Cafe and Hoi An Cafe by car.

More About Can Tho

More About Can Tho