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Can Tho, Vietnam may not be the first city on everyone's bucket list, but its relative opacity should not be confused with anything other than a lack of exposure. But if you have explored the hind reaches of the Mekong, it may seem like a real metropolis.

From free markets to rice paper - dubbed the "Vietnam Market" - Vietnam is a sight to behold. Can Tho is a great place to enjoy Can Tho with its stalls offering a selection of South Vietnamese delicacies.

The Nam Bo Boutique Hotel, run by the same owners of Bassac Cruises, cannot be wrong. If you are looking for a more modern and modern version of Can Tho, the KP Hotel is the best choice for your stay.

The TTC Hotel in Can Tho is located in the heart of the city, in a small village just a few blocks from the city center. It is the only hotel of its kind in Vietnam and one of only a handful of hotels in Asia.

Can Tho is within easy reach of the city centre, Rach Phuong, the Mekong and its many attractions. It is undoubtedly the perfect destination for anyone wishing to explore the Mekong Delta in Vietnam or explore the beautiful beaches of the South China Sea, as well as the tropical forests and mountains of Cambodia.

It is located on the Mekong coast, just a few kilometers from the floating market Phong Dien with its popular tourist attractions, the Vam Xang and the surrounding orchards, and is surrounded by the calm and calm waters of Lake Phuong. A few kilometers upstream, a most peaceful scenery offers itself, Not far from Can Tho are the quieter Phongs Diens floating markets, while not far away, in the town of Rach PhUong, can be reached by boat.

Tourists can visit the floating market in the tourist village of Khanh to enjoy a great view of Phuong Lake and the surrounding fruit orchards, as well as Phong Dien for its popular tourist attractions.

It is also possible to rent a taxi, but it would take 2-5 hours to cope with the ride, depending on the choice of mode of transport. If you do not want to pay the price for a foreign tourist tour in Ninh Kieu, you can rent taxis. Can Tho is located in a small village of Khanh, a few kilometers from the main tourist area. It is also possible to rent a taxi: Can tho can be rented by taxi for an average price of $1,500 per hour or $2,000 per day for the entire trip.

If you want to spend a few hours in Vietnamese, there is a nice café right next to the hotel in Khanh. For breakfast, it is enough to visit Can Tho at around 9: 30 a.m. and get a quick meal from the Nam Bo Boutique Hotel, which serves the best Vietnamese white coffee. You should be back around 10: 00 am to enjoy a good breakfast and a great view of Ninh Kieu, the main tourist area. If you want to spend a few hours with the locals or even just spend enough time in the village, there is also a nice café just a few steps away, just in case you wanted to spend a few hours of your day in Vietnam with some of the locals.

The Mekong rustic in Can Tho offers accommodation and free private parking at the floating market, and it is also worth noting that you can have a great experience at the Vinpearl Hotel, which has its own restaurant. As a budget hotel, Aura Hotel in can ThO actually offers free parking and good views of Ninh Kieu and the lake. It takes place daily from 9: 00 to 16: 30 and can be enjoyed with great experiences, especially at the weekend.

You can enjoy the nature of Bang Lang Stork Garden, learn about the history of Binh Thuy Ancient House, experience the floating market, Do Tay and the beautiful view of Ninh Kieu. Even if the nightlife in the city Can Tho is not as good as it used to be , it still offers a lot of fun. You can come to Can ThO to spend a nice evening with friends, family and friends of your choice and enjoy a good meal.

You can also buy a boat ticket to Can Tho to visit the floating market of Cai Rang or buy a ticket at the hostel or hotel. The price includes the ticket and the fact that you disembark after disembarking.

It is possible to rent a car to Can Tho on the same day you return from your trip, and it is possible that you lease or rent cars to return to the trip on the same days. It is possible to rent a car to tho in CanTho, the capital of Cai Rang province, Vietnam.

More About Can Tho

More About Can Tho