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It is undeniable that many amazing delicacies delight the tongue when you experience the Mekong Delta on a day trip through Vietnam, and Banh Xeo Bay Toi is certainly on this list. Set in a row of thatched roofs that resemble traditional tribal houses, the restaurant is one of the most elegant Vietnamese restaurants on the Cambodian river. Can Tho is designed to bless you with the best of both worlds: the comfort of cosy food and the culinary experience of a traditional village. It is designed to give you the opportunity to experience food from Vietnam's deepest south, including many local specialties that would be hard to find even in Saigon.

Each table is set outside with a view of the Hau River and you are taken to a table where you can watch people eating some of the most delicious dishes. We will give you a quick overview of the Can Tho menu to help you find the best of what you want to enjoy.

From the boat you can also admire the sparkling beauty of the Hau River and the beautiful views of Ho Chi Minh City. From Can tho we can easily reach Rach Hoa, one of Vietnam's most popular tourist attractions, and its beautiful beaches.

Cheap travellers can take the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Hoa, or from Saigon visitors can get a one-way ticket to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It is possible to rent a car to return the trip the same day, but it is also possible to rent a taxi. Once in Cambodia, you can catch a bus to Can tho for lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants and hotels in the city.

The Mekong Delta version is huge and stuffed with pork, beans, sprouts and shrimp, while variations of the dish can be found throughout Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Hanoi and other parts of the country. If you are visiting other cities, be sure to read Mann's other guide to Vietnam, and if you think food is fun to travel to, read our guide to the best restaurants in Vietnam and Cambodia for more information about food and travel in Cambodia. Saigon's famous caramelized fish soup with sweet and spicy sauce and rich, creamy sauce. The versions of the mekung delta are huge and fill pork and shrimp, but they are filled with pork, savory and shrimp, while variations of these dishes can be found all over Vietnam - including the famous Vietnamese version of it in Rach Hoa, Hoi An and other areas of Vietnam.

Anyone who has spent even a short time in Vietnam will tell you that the cuisine is very relaxed and very different from that of his home country. It reminds me of 1980s Malaysia, and if you love Can Tho (or similar) restaurants and food in general, Vietnam has you covered.

You can sit on water snails and sip sauce, as the locals do at the roadside fish stalls, or feel comfortable strangling a water snail or sipping sauce, as a local does at a roadside fish stall. If you want to spend a few hours in Vietnamese, there is a nice café right next to Can Tho. The best way to enjoy the food is to let go, and the fried dish is an absolute no-go for any trip, whether you enjoy it with sesame, mederi or tamarind.

Can Tho is all over 110.000 VND, so It's really convenient to grab - and grab - and it's a great place for a quick lunch or dinner or even a night out.

As Trang says, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes, from traditional dishes such as rice cakes and pasta to more modern dishes such as soups and salads. Perfect for a trip to the delta, as you can enjoy all parts of Vietnamese cuisine in spacious food stalls.

Tho is a hearty mung bean muffin studded with fresh shrimp, and for something tamer, try the fried dough made from Mong beans, taro and rice flour.

Banh Tam is drizzled with fish sauce and creates a sweet and savoury dish that is everywhere Can. Dumplings and cakes made of rice, prawn and prawn paste, a tomato-based crab noodle soup and a dumplings cake. Mix rice flour, taro, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and rice vinegar and drizzle over the banh tam.

Can Tho is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam, and is the most popular restaurant in Vietnam and one of the best in Asia. Vietnamese locals have given this fixation to their favorite soup Pho, which is not only a delicious bowl of soup, but also offers an interesting lens into Vietnamese culture.

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More About Can Tho