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Can tho is the perfect weekend getaway - see you on your South Vietnam trip and is located in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. If you are going to be in ho - chi - minh city for a few days and need a break from the big city, go to Can tho.

Can tho is very different from the rest of Vietnam and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Vietnam, where everyone explores the floating markets if they have ever traveled. It is easy to reach and you can travel to domestic places, but it is also a great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as food and drink.

It is possible to rent a car in Can Tho the same day you return from your trip, but it is also possible to rent a taxi.

At the Ninh Kieu market you can enjoy local delicacies to your heart's content, and after seeing the people selling and buying products at the floating market of Cai Rang, you will have the opportunity to experience the rustic lifestyle of the Vietnamese by tasting local dishes such as tam com, tam - com and tam tam. Can Tho is generally cheap, but it is also worth noting that it is run by one of Vietnam's most famous restaurants, the Ho Chi Minh City restaurant chain.

Many researchers believe that those who make it to the market have become tourist attractions. Can Tho in Vietnam is a great opportunity not only to see life in the waters of the Mekong Delta, but also to see how quickly Vietnam has changed. It is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations and can be an important part of your trip to Ho Chi Minh City or any other city in Southeast Asia.

So make sure you adjust your Vietnam trip with TravelTriangle and have plenty of time to shop in Can Tho. The lively scene will enrich your shopping experience, so try to do better this time.

Once you arrive in Cambodia, you will probably take a bus and stop in Cambodia. Can Tho for a few hours or even a day or two. You can pre-book and plan your Can tho Mekong Delta Tour with TravelTriangle and buy unique souvenirs as soon as you find them. Once you arrive in CanTho, you can buy them there or stop by one of the many shops and restaurants in the city.

You can book direct flights from Can Tho to Hanoi, but there are limited flights, so forget about it there. Can tho International Airport also offers flights to Ho Chi Minh for a few hours or even one or two days at a cost of $5.00 per hour. In CanTho, many visitors also choose the car, which can be offered for only $2.50 a day or for three days. Like all international airports, they also offer a wide range of other options, such as private planes, trains, buses and taxis.

Can Tho International Airport handles flights from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi for $5.00 per hour. Buses to CanTho leave the airport every 15 minutes on weekdays at 7: 30 a.m., and every 30 minutes at weekends. The buses leave Can tho on the east side of the city and departure to the west, with a stop at Hoi An airport at 10: 00 am one the same time every day.

The only way to access the secret flower village is by a sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh To Can Tho and then by bus to Trang soc for your bike tour. One of the cheapest and most local ways to get to Vietnam is to take a sleeper bus and leave By Ho Chi Minh. The local buses run along the same route as the Ben Dinh - Hoi An - Hanoi bus, but some have stops along the route in Ho chi Minh City. It is easy to travel from Can tho to Rach Rang for $5.00 per hour or $2.50 per day for a day trip.

Can Tho is doable, but tourists can worry about what to do when the darkness covers everything and it is a long and exhausting day if you leave Ho Chi Minh City at 2 a.m. and return at midnight. If you want to see the floating market of Cai Rang, you have to book a domestic flight from Danang to Hanoi. Can tho is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam and a great place for a day trip. With a population of over 1.5 million, it is the second largest city in the country and hosts the most tourists per square kilometre.

Among other Vietnam hot spots, Can Tho is home to the floating market, where owners set up shops selling wholesale goods, mainly food, on their boats. Cai Rang is the main attraction, but smaller markets like Phong Dien can offer you a better and more intimate experience. Most travelers come to Can tho to visit the nearby floating markets, and it is one of my favorites. There are a number of specialities that are set up in the city - from restaurants and cafes to shops, shops and restaurants. The floating Ci Rangs market is one of the most visited and popular with over 1,000 stalls.

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More About Can Tho