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So you have from the floating market in Can Tho, a must see in the South Vietnamese Mekong Delta, and the possibilities to visit it are endless. Visiting the coastal markets of the Mekong Delta is a popular destination for many explorers in Saigon who want to see the containers, but none is as popular as the "floating market" at the southern tip of Can tho. For many holidaymakers visiting the Cambodian River and its many broad stretches of river, the Floating Market is the biggest attraction, one of several floating markets that can be found on the banks of many rivers, rivers and lakes in southern Vietnam. For many of them, it is the most popular tourist attraction and also the first stop on their journey.

Cai Rang is the main attraction, but smaller markets like Phong Dien can offer a better and more intimate experience. Most travelers come to Can Tho to visit the nearby floating markets, and the floating market in Cho Noi is definitely steeped in the characteristics of the Mekong Delta. Let's dive into the many interesting things to do at the floating market in Can tho now.

The food tour on the floating market is really a great experience to be had when traveling to Can Tho. You want to not only shop, but also explore the cultural highlights of the place. Visit the Tay Do night market, where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family. After you have bought some things, go to a canned dinner at one of the floating market places of Cho Noi or Phong Dien.

In general, Can Tho is full of different activities that can give you a wonderful and unforgettable trip to the Mekong Delta. It is a great place to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture, from the floating market to the picturesque canals that can be explored by bike. You can learn about the history of Binh Thuy Ancient House, enjoy the nature of Bang Lang Stork Garden, experience the floating Cai Rang market, Tay Do Night Market and much more. While you marvel at the floating market of Bien Phong or the floating market of Tien Dien, you can educate yourself and sit down to grilled pork in a local restaurant or learn from the locals. If you return from a trip to one of the most beautiful and exciting sights of Vietnam, such as Saigon, Phung Quang, Ho Chi Minh City or Phon Nhong, you can experience a variety of interesting and exciting experiences in Can Tho, not only for tourists but also for locals.

During the Can Tho, consider taking a private sampan tour or experience an excellent time on the water, think like us and experience some excellent times on the water.

Most people who drive from the Chau upstream to Can Tho in Ho Chi Minh are on a boat trip and take a private sampling tour, a boat trip or even a car trip.

If tourists do not want to stop in Ho Chi Minh City, they can also take a boat trip to Can Tho or a drive from the Chau upstream to the city. You can also take a private boat tour from Hochi Minh to Hoi An, the main port city in the south of the country.

It is also possible to rent a taxi from Ho Chi Minh City To Can Tho on the same day as the trip to Hoi An. It is possible that a car can also be rented for $1,500 for a day trip, or $2,000 if you return from your trip the same day. Can not - miss - it - from - the - beach - at - Can - Tha - can - tho tour.

Can Tho is doable, but if you are on time, you can book and travel on the same day or combine your trip. If you leave Ho Chi Minh City at 2 a.m., it can be a long and exhausting day to return to Hoi An and around midnight back to Ho Chi Minh City. One of the cheaper and more local ways to get to Vietnam is to take a sleeper bus from Hochi Minha to Can Tha and then a bus to the Mekong Delta. When you arrive in Can tho, you should visit Cai Rang (floating market) for a quick lunch and a visit to one of Vietnam's most popular tourist attractions. You can also book a CanTho Mekong Delta Tour in advance for $1,500 for the day or $2,000 for a full day trip for two.

Once you have purchased your ticket and operated your specialized vehicle, you can Can do this within 3.5 hours. Add 272 De Tham (District 1) to your list of destinations in Hoi An, Hochi Minha and the Mekong Delta for $1,500 per day or $2,000 for a full-day trip for two.

More About Can Tho

More About Can Tho